Wednesday, November 25, 2009

December Class Schedule

Take this awesome Snowflake Pendant/Ornament class this December. It is the perfect gift for Christmas.

December Class Schedule:

Dream Bracelet with Karen (1 hr)
Tuesday, December 1 - 5:30pm

Snowflake Pendant/Ornament with Kelly (1.5 hrs)
Thursday, December 3 - 5:30pm

Crochet Necklace with Karen (1.5 hrs)
Sunday, December 6 - 11:00am

Snowflake Pendant/Ornament with Kelly (1.5 hrs)
Saturday, December 12 - 12:00pm

Snowflake Pendant/Ornament with Kelly (1.5 hrs)
Saturday, December 19 - 11:00am


Dorothy said...

I love your shop and have taken many classes there, but I live in Farmington so it would vbe nice to see a picture with the class schedule, much more incentive to sign up and make the drive! I liked the picture of the ornament but was curious avbout the bracelet an didn't know if a picture ws on the website or not.

Michigan Bead Supply Co. said...

Let me know which bracelet you would like to see. Thanks, Kelly

Susan said...

Omg I live off of Union Lake Road and had no idea you were there! (Im at the edge of White Lake but Walled Lake Schools and we are next to Union Lake and Commerce.) I was just at the Walled Lake Salvation Army Saturday and could have come in. *cries* I have pictures of my beadwork on my facebook. My hawk is actually on the front page of the Stitchboard site which Im helping to beta test. I am disabled and cant come unless my husband brings me and probably couldnt do classes because of my allergies to half the world. But, I have to come see what kind of seeds, Delicas, etc you have. I especially love 3D beadwork and have been teaching myself through the net. I know Im babbling but I am so excited! I probably wont be able to get over there until after Christmas. Are you guys open between Christmas and New Years? My hubby starts truck school soon but he wont be so busy that week. He does some beadwork too mainly for his dance regalia though. (He's Ojibwe) I am so thrilled to know you guys are so close!

Michigan Bead Supply Co. said...

We are here today, NYE until 7pm, closed NYD and reopened on Jan. 2 at 10am. Hope to see you here! Kelly